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A Smart Guide For Home Buyers

A House is more than just a structure built out of brick and mortar. Apart from being a good investment option, it is the place where all your memories and feelings abode.

In this competitive real-estate market with real estate projects mushrooming in every nook and corner, it becomes a herculean task to zero down on that “perfect house”.

Here are some basic guidelines which should be kept in mind before buying a house –

2.5 BHK Flats in Bangalore

1. Set your priorities straight– The market is filled with number of options -be it 3BHK Apartments in Chennai’s IT hub to 2.5 BHK Flats in Whitefield Bangalore; you should be clear in your head as what exactly do you need.

Major Guiding factors should be the locality, type of residence, size of the residence, number of rooms, amenities present etc. Your homework must be thorough on these subjects.

2. Know your afford-ability- Just have a pocket-check before making up your mind. Then depending on your budget, financial resourcing can be done through loans. There are multiple websites and agents who could help you with processing of the loan.

Also check your CIBIL score before you apply for any loans, so that your loan application doesn’t get lost in a blackhole due to inadequate score.

3. Check monthly cost of the house– Be it for investment purpose or for residential purpose the net outgo month wise for each house must be compared. If it is for an investment purpose, check for the scalability of the project. Your net investment must reach the break-even as soon as possible. If taken for the latter, check for the amenities the project provides its proximity to your office and marketplace. Your net outgo would be minimized heavily if any project provides you all these.

4. Check for the builder’s credentials– Builder’s reputation-check is a must before finalizing a deal. Check his history in terms of completion of project, quality of the materials and the design s quality. A bad realtor can assure you sleepless nights.

5. Documentation check– Validate if the builder has all the documents in place. Check the land sale deeds, municipality clearances, all NOCs, engineer certifications of the construction drawings, etc. A timely check can assure you peace later.

3 BHK apartments in OMR Chennai

BSCPL Infrastructure is a prestigious and a highly reputed name in the real-estate industry. The BSCPL Group today has a pan-India presence and has set a bench mark for its high class architectural designs along with the customer service.

Currently, BSCPL is offering 3 BHK apartments in OMR Chennai and 2.5 BHK flats in Whitfield, Bangalore. Located at prime locations with perfect infrastructure, BSCPL offers a complete living destination with modern amenities, schools, shopping centres, landscaped gardens, parks, clubhouse, outdoor sport facilities and 24-hour power backup.

BSCPL offers you the perfect platform to invest and to secure your dream of owning that “perfect house”.

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Reasons to invest in a Residential Property in Bangalore

The Indian Real Estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. It is going through a period of transformation. 2015 did not bring any growth in the residential real estate sector of India but 2016 has shown a silver lining with the increase as some sales have picked up in Residential Real Estate market of few cities like Bangalore.

It is the right time to invest in a Residential project in Bangalore. Bangalore has been benefited the most from the IT boom. Bangalore has seen a number of manufacturing hubs and IT parks. This led to the employees working in these corporates to settle in the same city by investing in the valuable property nearby.

residential projects in Bangalore 

Developers have been coming out with high-end residential projects in Bangalore mainly in areas in and around Whitefield. These apartments provide High-end luxurious living to the investors. NRIs are also interested in investing in these properties. These people enjoy high pay packages for themselves in this city.

With a number of high ranking universities in Bangalore, a number of young students drop in to start their career from this city and they find a lot of job opportunities to go ahead with their decision to buy property in the electronic city.

With the increase in ROI and high appreciation of the residential property, Bangalore is one of the fastest growing market when it comes to the Residential projects in India.

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Government Supporting the Rights of Investors through Various Policies

The real estate sector in Chennai and Bangalore had high expectations from the union budget of 2016-17 and it turned out to be a mixed bag with the various pros and cons in the real estate sector. The main concern for government was in three key initiatives- Housing for all, a hundred smart cities and affordable housing, which will surely provide boost to the real estate sector. In the mixed bag of finance minister there were some things which were ignored. Let us give a glance to the hits and misses of the budget 2016 which turned out to be the boon and bane for real estate sector. Various 3 BHK apartments in OMR Chennai are on the verge of completion and they are being developed by the premier developer BSCPL infrastructure ltd.


For the first time home buyers, the extra interest of Rs 50,000 will be deducted for the loans up to Rs 35lakh and that too sanctioned in the financial year of 2016-17. The government has regulated and controlled the amount of principle sum by Rs. 50Lakhs. For tenants, government has increased the rent payments to Rs 60,000 from present Rs. 24,000. 2.5 BHK flats in Whitefield Bangalore are the best option for investment in the Bangalore and they are readily available from BSCPL infrastructure

The major benefit to the investors in the real estate sector is the real estate regulatory bill. This bill was passed in the parliament which enforces the developer to pay the interest if he is not able to provide the project to the investor on the given time frame. This bill turned out to be the sense of relief for those investors who were waiting for their project completion.

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Buy Your Dream Home Right in the Heart of Bangalore

During a conversation between a daughter and her mother, the daughter asked the difference between a house and a home. The mother made her understand about the difference between the home and house, she said,

“A house is made of wall and bricks and if that house is filled with love, care and warmth, it’s called a home.”

flats in OMR Chennai

The affordability and the standardized amenities can differentiate the home and house. Building a space with bricks and stones and adding some paint into it do not make a difference. The difference is created when the property is delivered with the perseverance and dedication. The developers are trying their level best to provide the best properties to their investors and this is possible only with the support of the government. The government functions for the people, with the people and by the people and it has to make the necessary amendments in their union budget so that it will be easy for the people to invest in the property sector at any point of time. 3 BHK flats in Bangalore have been purchased by the most of the investors because of the property reforms.

flats in Bangalore

The real estate has drastically changed and people have already started investing their capital in the real estate sector and this is possible because of the reforms in the real estate sector by the government. With the minimum investment, the investors can gain the maximum returns and that too with the improved property. The people, who were hesitating in investing the real estate sector, are gaining the maximum profit by investing in it.1 BHK apartments in OMR Chennai are the best projects to invest and investors can gain the maximum profit out of their investments by investing in these properties.

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