DIY Decor Ideas for Your New Home

Your home is your comfort space, a space that is close to your heart and reverberates peace. Some
say it’s a reflection of your personality. Soon after you follow the guide and purchase your dream
home, the next step is getting the interior decor right. With the multitude of facilities your home
offers, decorating your home enhances the entire appearance of your personal space. Decor ideas
which you could do it all by yourself help in customising your plans to satisfy your requirements.
Moreover, DIY decor ideas are budget-friendly and kindle your creativity. Here are some DIY decor
ideas you can implement in your new abode: 
Homemade wall decoration ideas:
The first thing that catches your eye when you enter your home is the bright walls. You can paint
one side of the wall in a suitable colour. For instance, it can either be a green colour to give a
pleasing effect or yellow to provide a refreshing, sunny disposition. But painting your wall new can
be tedious. If you wish to avoid the work, you can decorate the walls with simple articles. As the
famous adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” – photo frames are the best to take you
through a joyful memory. Also, photos can instantly bring a smile on your face. If you do not have
enough pictures, then you can add some posters of pop culture, a motivating quote or anything that
you resonate with. Or if you are good at sketching and art, you can frame some of your best work
and display it on your wall. Elegant wall hanging designs are available that can be used to elevate
your plain wall’s look.
Fancy lightings for home decoration:
Your new home will already come with an adequate lighting system that satisfies the primary
requirement. Additionally, you can create your DIY fancy lights. For this, all you need is a glass jar or
cup, especially a tinted one. Take the glass and fix an LED light bulb and cover it with a designed
paper shade. This could be a beautiful candlelight lamp on your dining table. Similarly, you can build
your lanterns which can be hung lower from the ceiling at all the desired nooks in your home.
Decorating with natural elements:
All the advancements coming your way is inspired by nature. Thus, adding a natural touch in your
home will elevate the ambience of your home. Most of the DIY decor ideas can incorporate products
from nature. Take for instance, you can switch to wooden holders, jute artefacts, and marble
designs. Also, you can paint coconut shells and use them as small holders and hang them from the
ceiling for decorative purposes. You can replace the plastic containers from your kitchen with mason
jars. This way, you can contribute to avoiding plastic as well as improving the look of your kitchen. 
Decorating with greenery:
‘Go green’ is something you hear too often, especially in recent times. To live up to the saying, you
can add fresh indoor plants at home. Use simple pots or small utensils to grow plants. You can start
growing simple plants like mustard, aloe vera, and climbers such as money plants. Remember to
place the plants at appropriate positions, so that it receives a good amount of sunlight. Also, make
sure to poke holes in the pots for aeration purposes. These plants can be easily grown and nurtured
at your new home’s balcony area. If there isn’t a big enough balcony, then try out vertical gardens in
one of the open spaces available at your home 
Contrast in art and decor:

Spruce up your living space by introducing some contrast. While your home is already painted in
various colours, you can bring in some contrast with simple components. Simple elements such as
old clothes, fabrics, and broken glass can make a huge difference. For example, you can use your old
jeans to stitch pillow casings and also use old fabrics to design the exterior of a lamp. Choose the
colour of the cushions and sofa in such a way that it adds to the contrasting element. Moreover,
beautifully designed wall hangings also bring some colour to your home. 
Neat and tidy:
A clean, neat and tidy place is an important aspect of your home that you simply cannot neglect.
Even though you include creative designs in your new home, your efforts go in vain if you fail to keep
your home clean. Make sure to tidy up your place regularly. Remember to stack your books neatly
on the shelf and arrange your utensils in the racks of your kitchen. It is essential to fold your washed
clothes and place them in the wardrobe and arrange your bed neatly. Moreover, vacuum your house
regularly to stay away from the dust.
DIY decor ideas indicate your passion and innovation for enhanced living. Furthermore, DIY decor
ideas come with a personal touch and establish a deep satisfaction towards improving your home all
by yourself. If you are looking for your dream home which you can call your own, then look no
further for BSCPL has all that you need!

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