Documents to Check While Buying A Home

Owning a home or an  apartments in Ottiyambakkam is typically a dream come true for most people. Still, the process may be drawn out—from deciding on the appropriate neighborhood and builder to completing the finance paperwork. No matter how attractive a contract may seem, a buyer should avoid entering into one unless they are fully convinced of the seller’s qualifications, and his ownership over the asset is officially supported by documentary proof.

It is also vital to carry out your due diligence ahead of time to avoid the fate of many home buyers who wind up in court over confusing property titles or delayed projects that show no indications of completion. One tactic is to carefully review the documentation before buying 3 BHK villas in Chennai.

Home Buying Document Checklist

The following property documents checklist must be reviewed before finalizing the deal for 3 BHK apartments in Chennai.

The Sale Deed

An important legal document is the Sale Deed, which provides evidence of the sale and transfer of property from the builder to the individual. Years after buying a home, it’s common for the owner to decide to sell it for various reasons, in which case this is one of the essential documents to check before buying a flat. Before the sale agreement and following compliance with its terms and conditions as agreed upon by the parties, the sale deed is frequently signed.

Completion/Occupancy Certificate 

A completion certificate is one of India’s most important documents required for the property documents checklist. After the completion of a project, the builder issues this certificate.

The certificate proves that the building has been constructed per an approved plan and follows all the norms that come under the state and the Government Buildings Act, 1899. This certificate is also known as the Occupancy Certificate. You must present this documentation to access services like the drainage system, water supply, and power. 

The Building Approval Plan

The builder must get the necessary sanctions by the rules of the building, and Local Body Acts before beginning construction. The two conditions for this sanction are the approval of the building plan and the layout.

A common oversight made by first-time buyers is failing to verify that the builder has complied with all requirements of the Building Plan and Layout Approval before making an offer on a home. In newer constructions, spot inspections by the local authorities are widespread, but they could have negative results if the rules are broken.

Certification of Encumbrance

An encumbrance certificate is required to prove the property is free and clear of any liens or mortgages. It is one of the crucial documents banks need to approve your loan. Additionally, this certificate includes all the details of all the transactions that have ever occurred. In India, Form 15 is issued if there are any recorded encumbrances on a property; if not, the owner receives a Form 16 stating that there are none.

Mutation Certificate

A process known as property mutation is used to change the title entry in local records after a property has been transferred into the name of a new owner. To calculate the exact amount of property tax due and how to charge it, the local authority considers land and property modifications. 

It assists the government entity in determining the tax liability when there is a property ownership change. This certificate assists you in fixing record mistakes if an unlawful transaction against the property occurs.


People occasionally attempt to sell contested properties for a bargain. This possibility could sound appealing at first, but it would ultimately be a huge hassle. Additionally, never negotiate with a merchant who requests that you pay for the item with unexplained funds to reduce your tax liability.

Future problems could result from this. Make sure to check the above-mentioned list of documents before buying a flat. Bollineni Projects understands this; therefore, every deal is made with proper document proofs. Visit Bollineni projects if they are looking for a home. 

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