OMR: One Of The Most Sought-After Residential Hubs in Chennai

Situated on the banks of the River Cauvery, OMR is home to some of the city’s most luxurious and iconic properties. It is Chennai’s one of the most sought-after residential hubs with lush, green and picturesque surroundings.

The area has a long history, dating to when it was known as ‘Kanchipuram”. Today, OMR is one of Chennai’s most densely populated areas – with over 1 million people residing there – making it a thriving commercial and residential district.

Chennai was once known as Madras and formed part of the British Raj. After Independence, it became the capital of Tamil Nadu state. Chennai is an important commercial center with a diverse economy based on services and manufacturing. The city is home to several global corporations such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Samsung Electronics, Infosys Technologies Limited, Airtel Ltd., and many others. It also has several universities, including the University of Madras (UM) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT).

When it comes to real estate, Chennai is a city that always commands attention. With its rich culture and heritage, as well as its modern amenities and infrastructure, this metropolitan area offers an incredibly diverse range of homes for sale.

The surrounding neighborhoods are full of quaint little shops and restaurants, making it easy to get lost amongst the hustle and bustle. However, if you want to explore more of what this neighborhood offers, be sure to take a walk down any of its many streets. 

Apart from its abundant green space and charming neighborhoods, one of the biggest plus points for people looking to purchase property in OMR is its proximity to all that downtown Chennai has to offer. Not only is OMR close enough to walk or ride a bike to, but it’s also situated right next door to some of Chennai’s most popular shopping destinations – like The Fort & MG Road- it means you can easily access what this vibrant city has to offer without going too far.

You can consider OMR if you’re searching for a residential property in Chennai to call home.

Further, let’s have a look at the rendered details on OMR being a sought-after residential hub in Chennai.

OMR-Chennai’s most desirable residential area!

The Old Mahabalipuram Road, also known as OMR, is one of Chennai’s most famous living places. In the southern part of Chennai, OMR is home to a large number of IT and ITES companies. It makes it a sought-after place for people who work in the IT industry.

The area has grown a lot in the past few years, with new apartment complexes and office buildings going up all along the stretch.

OMR has been one of the most desirable places to live in Chennai for a long time now. Many people still want to live in OMR because it is close to work and has good amenities. The area also has good roads and social infrastructure.

Here are some things that make it so popular:

  • Closeness to the IT corridor:
  • OMR is close to the major IT hubs in Chennai, making it an excellent place to live for people who work in the IT sector. Some big names with offices in OMR are Amazon, Nokia, TCS, Capgemini, etc.

  • Good infrastructure:
  • OMR has good infrastructure, with well-laid-out roads and enough water and power supply; it is a good option for people looking for a comfortable place to live. Also, this area is well-connected to the rest of the city by road and rail.

  • Affordable housing options:
  • There are a number of affordable housing options in OMR, making it a good choice for middle-income families.

  • Best schools and colleges nearby:
  • OMR is home to some of the best schools and colleges in Chennai, such as Chennai Public School, Sathyabama University, VIT University, and more.

  • Accessible amenities:
  • The area also has a lot of shopping malls, hospitals, and other things that make it an excellent place to live.

Chennai’s OMR – Benefits

Many people live in OMR because of its convenient location and high quality of life. Given below are some of the major advantages-

Great Connectivity

The remainder of Chennai is easily accessible from OMR because of its convenient location. It has convenient access to the main thoroughfares and a metro line running specifically to it; because of this, commuting inside the city is a breeze for locals.

Great Appreciation Rate

Similarly, OMR has a higher rate of appreciation. The purchase of real estate in Chennai now represents a sound financial move due to the market’s consistent appreciation over the last many years.

Better Living Standards

OMR’s overall quality of life is greater than in the rest of Chennai. There are a lot of gated communities and expensive apartment complexes where people may feel protected and secure. And if that weren’t enough, OMR also has a wide variety of places to eat and shop.

Work-Life Balance

OMR also offers a better work-life balance for its residents. Residents may avoid long commutes to and from work because of the concentration of corporate headquarters and office space in the area. And with all the conveniences OMR has to offer, those living there won’t have any trouble finding ways to unwind and have fun when they have some spare time.


The availability of exceptional residential properties in OMR makes it the most sought-after locale in Chennai. And if you are looking for an appealing destination for buying a home, then do check out Bollineni Iris Villas, Bollineni Iris, and  Bollineni Zion.

Sri Bollineni Krishnaiah and his descendants founded BSCPL Infrastructure Ltd., previously known as B.Seenaiah & Company (Projects) Limited. He focused his vision on building high-quality highways. Over the previous four decades, the firm has grown extensively, putting a qualitative imprint on works completed in India and overseas.

— Bollineni Iris Villas is a gated community that provides residents with various facilities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, and gym. The villas are big and well-equipped, with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

— Bollineni Iris is another prominent Hillside development. These apartments are in the center of OMR and provide inhabitants with a comfortable lifestyle. The apartments are big and well-designed and have all the contemporary conveniences.

Bollineni Zion is one of the builder’s most opulent projects. It provides its people with a world-class lifestyle with unrivaled amenities and services. The property is in a superb position and provides breathtaking views of the metropolis.

These real estate projects in OMR by BSCPL are available for purchase. Furthermore, the firm has expanded into the real estate industry with investments in Dubai and India.

At one of these BSCPL locations, you’re sure to discover the right place to call home. The builder’s heritage is quality and trust, acquired through many years of producing exceptional houses. So, if you’re searching for a location to live in Chennai, OMR should be at the top of your list!

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