Legal Documents Required in Hyderabad – While Buying a Flat or Property

Hyderabad, one of Telangana’s most populated and biggest urban areas, is one of India’s biggest real estate markets. The city has seen tremendous growth in population and infrastructure in recent years, making it an attractive destination for property buyers and investors.

The registration process is compulsory for all real estate investments in Hyderabad. To register the sale deed, the buyer and seller must visit the Sub-Registrar of Assurances. The property’s worth determines the registration fee, which both parties pay.

After registration, the appropriate authorities issues transfer documentation. The gram panchayat or municipality will own parcels of land, while the builder or developer will own apartments. This transfer paperwork requires a stamp duty of 4% of the property’s value from the buyer.

Once you have the commencement certificate, you can enjoy your new home or investment property in Hyderabad without hassle. Read on to learn more about how to have a seamless real estate transaction in Hyderabad in 2023-

Tips to Follow to Have a Smooth Real Estate Transaction

Purchasing real estate is simple and uncomplicated, provided you know the necessary documentation.

The following guidelines will assist you in understanding the legal documentation necessary to purchase an apartment or property in Hyderabad-

Title Deed

A title deed is a legal document proving ownership of a property. The title deed will list the property’s owner and any mortgages or liens against the property. The buyer and seller must sign the title deed to transfer property ownership.

Conveyance / Sale Deed

Know the legal documentation needed to acquire an apartment or property in Hyderabad. The conveyance deed is crucial when purchasing a home. It’s a legal document that transfers property ownership from seller to buyer.

The selling deed is another vital document while purchasing a house in Hyderabad. It is a legal contract between the buyer and seller that outlines the transaction terms. It’s crucial to stamp and register both papers.

Tax Receipts & Bills

You must pay taxes while buying a Hyderabad home. Tax receipts and invoices must be collected from the government and stored alongside legal papers.

  • Transfer duty is a tax levied by the state government on transferring immovable property. The duty rate is based on the property’s value and ranges from 1% to 8%.
  • Stamp duty is a tax levied by the central government on certain legal documents. The rate of stamp duty varies depending on the document type and ranges from 0.1% to 10%.
  • Registration fee is a fee the Registrar of Companies charges for registering a property transaction. The registration fee is 0.5% of the total value of the property.

7 / 12 Extract Document

When you’re ready to buy a house, there’s a lot of paperwork to complete. The 7/12 extract document is one.

Your purchase agreement is summarised in this document. It includes the down payment, purchase price, and closing date.

You must understand the 7/12 extract papers before signing them since it’s part of the real estate deal. If you have concerns, contact a real estate agent or attorney before proceeding.

Building Plan Approval

The building plan’s clearance is one of Hyderabad’s most essential regulatory criteria for buying a flat or property. The Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad’s Town Planning section has this information (MCH). Construction plan approval usually expires after three years and must be renewed.

You may be sure the building you wish to buy followed MCH criteria if it has a valid building plan approval. The government may be liable if a building is destroyed without proper planning. This is why you should only buy properties with a building permit.

Occupancy & Commencement Certificate

After you choose a home and make all the payments, the builder will offer you an Occupancy Certificate (OC). This document shows that the building meets standards and can be lived in. After receiving a Completion Certificate from the authorities, the builder receives the OC.

Check the property’s Occupancy Certificate before buying. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to connect your home’s water and power- your property cannot be registered in your name either.


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