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houses for sale in North Bangalore

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, is one of the best cities offering prosperous living standards. The IT boom has contributed to the rising demand for investment in the real estate sector. But specifically, North Bangalore has become a centre of attraction for burgeoning IT giants. The IT companies in Bangalore are attracting talent from India with outstanding employment opportunities for thousands of people. Such a wave of exciting employment opportunities coupled with affordable housing opens up a plethora of avenues for commercial and residential real estate to flourish in North Bangalore.

The excellent infrastructure, accessibility, and convenient connectivity embellished by great all-year-round weather make properties in North Bangalore the best place to invest in.

Here are some reasons why North Bangalore is the ideal choice when considering to invest in real estate:

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Social Infrastructure

North Bangalore is known for its excellent social infrastructure with renowned educational institutes, shopping and leisure centres, restaurants, and hotels peppered in and around the region. Some of the top schools here include Delhi Public School and Akash International School, making it a prime locality to settle down with your family. With renowned tech parks like Manyata Embassy Business Park located in North Bangalore, the locality has witnessed an economic uplift, enhanced with a posh IT crowd.

Excellent connectivity to the rest of the city

Commuting from one place to another is hassle-free and convenient in North Bangalore. The impeccable connectivity of the prominent roadways like the Outer Ring Road (OTT) and Bellary Road keeps North Bangalore easily accessible to significant parts of the city at all times.

Variety of housing developments

North Bangalore has lots to offer in terms of residential projects. You will be thrilled to know about the considerable number of options that North Bangalore offers in real estate and housing developments. The developers here are going tooth and nail to give you the best house at an affordable price, from charming row houses that bring in the sense of community to villas giving you a mansion of your own. They also have modern apartments in store for those who are always on the run and go. A fresh and ergonomic design makes every type of house stand apart, giving a diverse and creative yet planned and astute look to the whole layout of homes located in North Bangalore.

A clean and healthy environment

North Bangalore has an abundant lush green cover complemented by a fresh cool breeze blowing around the year. The ample forest cover and less population density keep pollution levels at the lowest, making the surrounding environment clean, healthy, and lively. Such exclusive perks make properties in North Bangalore an investment of a lifetime.

The arrival of the International Airport in Bangalore has brought tons of baggage in the form of steady real estate appreciation in the last decade in North Bangalore. North Bangalore has become a significant hotspot for real estate investment due to the proximity of the International Airport. With frequent flyers settling down in North Bangalore, many IT companies are shifting their bases to North Bangalore. This has increased the property appreciation rates in North Bangalore in the last decade. This has flourished the economy of North Bangalore and has now steadily become the most sought-after place for real estate investment.

Moreover, as a bonus, the upcoming metro and rail connectivity to the city and neighbouring areas has given a green signal to a multitude of fantastic investment opportunities making North Bangalore, it’s set to become even more prominent.

If you’re looking for 3 BHK or 4 BHK apartments in Bangalore, there is a surplus of houses for sale in North Bangalore. Affordable prices, quality homes, and apartments for sale in North Bangalore will allow you to live a productive life amidst all the comforts you desire.

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