Simple Ways to Make Home Pet-Friendly

Simple Ways to Make Home Pet-Friendly

Having a pet and furry friend back at home can be a feeling of joy, bliss and it comes with its benefits and responsibilities. To bring these innocent and adorable companions at home, you have to make sure that your house is safe and comfortable for them. There are endless things that may not be harmful to humans but can cause trouble for pets. It is no rocket science for a person to worry about How to make your home cat friendly or even, for that matter on how to make your house dog friendly. In this article, we will share a few expert tips that will make your home a warm, welcoming, and pet-friendly apartment for your new furry friend.

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  • Keep good floors for their comfort

    When a pet enters your home, flooring plays a pivotal role as compared to Rugs and Carpets, and hardwood floors will be more friendly and comfortable for them and your family as well. Try to skip wool mats and acrylic carpets if you own a cat or dog, as they may accumulate and carry your pet’s hair and bacteria that is not suitable for your family’s health and them.

  • Keep glass and fragile materials on height

    If you have 2 & 3 BHK Apartments In Hyderabad or anywhere in the country, then it is evident that you have a lot of space for your pets to wander around and play with almost everything and everything they find. But it is not always safe for them to play with unknown items. It is our responsibility to keep harmful chemicals such as phenyl, medications, and glass crockery out of their reach so that they don’t hurt themselves and don’t bother you as well.

  • Keep them away from strangling wires

    Gone are the days when wires used to be all loose in the apartments. Thanks to much organised and better real estate developments, all the electrical work in every apartment comes with concealed wiring. But there may be some wires such as Cable, Wi-Fi, Telephone, Lamps, and many others that stay loose. You must get cable protectors to cover such loose ends so that your pet doesn’t chew them unknowingly. Open wires carry electricity, if they bite them, there are high chances for them to get a high voltage shock which is lethal for their lives, and you absolutely don’t want that.

  • Keep your garden a bit more pet friendly

    If you have a garden at your home or are habituated to keep trees and indoor plants, make sure they are pet-friendly. There are several plants and trees which may cause them uneasiness. Hence it is important to have indoor and pet-friendly plants such as Spider plant, Parlor palm, Areca palm, and many others.

  • A clean house is a must

    Making your home pet-friendly involves a lot of cleaning. Buy a good vacuum cleaner if your pet has a hair fall issue. You can also make a habit of brushing your pet’s hair outside your home to reduce the amount of their dead hair flowing inside your house.

Since pets bring immense joy and pleasure in our life, it is our responsibility to take care of them and our families by creating a safer environment. It is also essential to check if the society you’re living in is pet friendly or not and if they allow it so that they find their safe haven in your heart and your apartment for life.

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