Why Buy a Home at Bollineni Bion?

Buy a Home at Bollineni Bion

BSCPL infrastructure Ltd. is ready with its latest project—Bollineni Bion. Bion is located in Hyderabad’s quiet neighbourhood with wonderful green surroundings and beautiful views. This project is perfect for homebuyers looking for luxury 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments in Hyderabad at an affordable price. At Bollineni Bion, you get amazing amenities and excellent apartments that provide you with the experience of living a luxurious life. The privacy, peace, and facilities in this project are there to add comfort and ease to your life. Read this full article to know why you should invest and buy a home at Bollineni Bion.

Here are some of the features of Bollineni Bion that make this project luxurious and perfect for buying:

  1. Vastu-Compliant Homes
    Vastu compliance is one of the major aspects that a home buyer must never ignore while buying a property. A vastu-compliant home is beneficial in many ways—for example—it harmonises energy, brings happiness, improves inner peace, and more.

    In Bollineni Bion, you get vastu-compliant flats that are perfectly designed to provide you with all benefits of Vastu Shastra, or the science of architecture.

    All the apartments in this projecthave positive energies in your house in the form of natural light, good ventilation, peaceful surroundings, and more.

  2. No Wall Sharing
    Another major reason to buy a home at Bollineni Bion is you get no wall-sharing apartments. There are chances to get noise from your neighbour in common-wall apartments, which may cause disturbance and can be annoying. As all the Bollineni Bion apartments come with no wall sharing, you can live in your home without any disturbing noise or sounds.

    With no wall-sharing apartments, you live luxuriously with complete privacy and have an independent house-like experience. The no-wall sharing flats also provide excellent ventilation that will improve the flow of air in the apartment.

    The apartments in the Bollineni Bion are best for getting natural light in the flat that provides brightness and reduces power consumption. These are spacious and large apartments with extra space.

  3. Next to a 400-Acre Botanical Garden
    The Bollineni Bion is located next to the 400-acre Botanical garden, and from all the apartments, you get a beautiful view of greenery and nature. Having a massive garden and greenery near the residence improves the air quality, providing positive energy and a good mood.

    The Botanical Garden is one of the most famous gardens in the city where you can have good times with your kids and loved ones. It is perfect for morning and evening walks and to do deep meditation and yoga activities.

    The garden near Bollineni Bion is also perfect for senior citizens to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Key Highlights

  • Green surrounding: Bollineni Bion is surrounded by greenery and beautiful views that provide a relaxing and serene experience.
  • Impressive amenities: In this project, all the apartments are vastu-compliant, and you get the necessary and other luxury amenities that will certainly improve the comfort and standards of your living.
  • Private home: All the apartments in this project come with the no-wall sharing feature that provides you with privacy and living in luxury home experience.
  • Good connectivity: Bollineni Bion is located in a quiet neighbourhood, and you get good connectivity for daily commuting.


After the pandemic, we all have realised the importance of owning a house like never before. The need to have a home with more space and amenities has increased.

Bollineni Bion is built to provide all the necessary and luxury benefits and fulfil all homebuyers’ current requirements. In this project, you get almost everything you look for in a luxury apartment. So schedule your visit soon and come to the Bion to experience top-class 2, 3 & 4 BHK apartments in Hyderabad.

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