Benefits of Living in a High-rise Apartment

advantages of living in high rise flats
In the residential real estate space, there are two types of apartments or homes a homebuyer generally considers for his/her stay. One is a ‘high rise apartment’ and the other is a ‘low rise apartment’. If you are in the market for a new home, chances are you might have to choose between the two. Now to clarify, a high rise generally refers to a tower/building over a certain height or unit of stories. The limit of the height or stories may differ from geographical locations to other countries or even density of the population an area has. As per Yardi Matrix, low-rise developments are houses or apartment complexes that are up to just 4 stories high. There is one more category, which is very popular in semi-urban areas with moderate populations and small industrial hubs called ‘mid-rise apartments.’ Mid-rise apartments are typically 5-10 stories high.

High-rise v/s Low-rise

Now you might be in a dilemma, whether to go for a high-rise, mid-rise or low-rise development. Well, before making that choice, first you need to ensure that the builder from which you are buying your home is a reputed one or not. Especially, when it comes to finalizing an apartment in the project of your choice, there should not be any doubt. You need to rest assured about the project. Bollineni Zion by BSCPL in Chennai is one of the considerable projects to choose from. If you are looking for 2 BHK flats for sale in Sholingallur OMR in Chennai, Bollineni Zion is the place for you! Now going back to the question, whether to select a high-rise or low-rise apartment – well quite frankly, it depends on the lifestyle you want and the type of homes that are within your budget. Affordability matters a lot when it comes to making a large investment such as buying a home. There are multiple factors apart from affordability and lifestyle that affect your buying decision.

Benefits of High-rise Apartments

There are a couple of advantages of living in high-rise flats that you should consider.
  • Scenic Views:
One of the crucial benefits of living in a high-rise development is the view you get from your windows and balconies. It is well-known that the higher the floors, the better the view. You also get more natural light and fresh air than the homes below.
  • Serene Environment:
High-rise apartments facilitate a noise-free and pollution free environment as they are positioned away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being amongst the top floors lets you enjoy the picturesque views of landscape and lush greenery, which makes you feel comfortable and at peace.
  • Secured & Safe Area:
Security is a major factor when buying a home. High-rise apartments are known to provide greater security against a break-in, enhanced with proper safety measures in place like CCTV cameras, and security personnel in-premises amongst others.
  • Socializing in a Like-minded Neighbourhood:
Living in a high-rise apartment opens new avenues for meeting new people and socializing with like-minded people in a progressive neighborhood. You get a community living experience with a sense of collective belongingness.
  • Savings:
Homes in a high-rise development have on-site property management service providers who are just one call away from any household emergency. These apartments are equipped with ready-to-install cable, internet, and other domestic facilities, which becomes a cost-effective method to enhance your home rather than depending upon third-party service providers. Plus, it is economical.
  • Status:
Typically, high-rise buildings are located in affluent areas of the city, which directly elevates your lifestyle in terms of availability of amenities, prime location, nearby conveniences, and luxurious avenues. Private luxury home on the top floor also provides the utmost privacy.
  • Services:
The best part about living in a high-rise apartment is that you get to enjoy the state-of-the-art amenities that come with the project. Services like trash collection, maintenance, and moving services only add to the cherry on the cake. These apartments are an ideal space for people who are looking for comfort and convenience under one roof. Through the above-mentioned benefits, it is evident that the lifestyle a high-rise apartment provides is truly an experience one should have. Still, the choice depends on your preference!

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