10 Simple Hacks to Keep Your House Cool During Summers

tips for keeping house cool in summer

Indian summers are known for the heatwaves that make home temperatures unbearable. So, it is important to maintain the temperature of the house for the well-being of your family. Here are a few hacks and tips for keeping your house cool in summer.

10 Easy Hacks to Beat the Heath

Use Air Coolers

Coolers are the best reliable option in hot, dry seasons. All you need is icy cold water. Fill up the cooler and let it work the magic of giving you a chilly wind on your face. This is one of the great budget-friendly tricks to keep the house cool in summer.

Use the Right Lights

You should turn off the lights when not in use. It helps you save energy and keeps the home comparatively cooler. Moreover, it is time to change all the incandescent bulbs with LED lights.

Put Some Cotton in Daily Usage

Using cotton clothes is a great hack to beat the summer heat. Wear cotton clothes and replace any heavy carpets or silk bed sheets. Cotton is light and easily absorbs moisture for evaporation, keeping the temperature cool.

Throw Some Shade with Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to control the temperature to some extent. The plants transpire moisture which evaporates and maintains the room temperature at normal. You can also keep them close to windows to absorb heat and throw some shade in your room.

Invoke your Summer Masterchef

You can use light foods with less oil to maintain the body temperature in summers. You can take the stove outside in the evening for some grills. This will keep the house cool and give you a nice house party with your friends.

Cross-ventilate your Home

Cross ventilation is the most common hack that will keep your home cool. A fresh flow of air gets rid of the stagnant hot air keeping the room temperature cool. Air circulation plays an important role in maintaining the temperature of your home.

Draw Out Curtains

Curtains help maintain the flow of air and give shade to the room. This shields the room from direct sunlight and helps in keeping the room relatively cooler. Dark coloured cotton curtains are a great option.

Use Dehumidifier

Humidity is a major factor in increased heat. You can use a dehumidifier that controls the moisture in your home and makes the room temperature cooler compared to the outside.

Reduce Clutter & Make Some Space

Reduce clutter by shifting furniture that you do not use to the storage room. Having open spaces within the home reduces hot air pockets due to a lot of furniture. This also reduces stagnant air in the room and keeps the air circulation intact.

Throw your Mattress on the Floor

The floor is usually cooler since the hot air rises upwards. So, you can throw your mattress on the floor and turn up your cooler or table fan to give you some comfort from the heat.


These tips are some common hacks that can help make your home temperature cooler. You can opt for homes that have been thoughtfully designed to integrate the natural environment, helping beat the summer heat. Many 2 Bhk Flats for sale in Sholinganallur provide such amenities. Bollineni Zion is an option with world-class amenities such as a flamboyant apartment structure and multipurpose playgrounds with clean and landscaped natural surroundings that keep the surroundings relatively cooler in the summer seasons. So, if you are interested in buying a new home in the summer that is heat resistant, then Bollineni Zion by BSCPL will be a good choice.


1. What is one of the best hacks to cool a room in the summer?

In hot, dry seasons, coolers are the most dependable choice. Just some ice-cold water will do. To get a refreshing breeze on your face, fill the cooler with ice and let it do its job. This is one of the affordable ways to cool your house/room in the summer.

2. Should we keep indoor plants during summers?

The best approach to somewhat regulate the temperature inside the house is using indoor plants for summer. The plants release moisture into the air, which dries out and keeps the area at a comfortable temperature. To absorb heat and provide some shade in your room, you can keep them next to windows.

3. What clothes are best suited in summer?

A wonderful summertime hack is wearing cotton clothing. Replace any thick carpets or silk bed linens, and dress in cotton. Cotton keeps things cool by being light and quickly absorbing moisture for evaporation.

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