Location Or Size Of An Apartment – Which Is More Important?

perfect house or perfect location


Are you dreaming of buying your own perfect apartment? Finding suitable residential properties in Bangalore or other big cities is increasingly challenging. The area, the size of the house, the facilities provided to the residents, and many more variables can be deciding factors for buyers. If you plan to settle in a city like Bangalore and own 4 BHK apartments in Bangalore, Bollineni Astra is worth a look. But before you select the perfect place for you, let us look at the aspects that need consideration. Weigh your decision carefully, as buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for many.
  • Location

The location of the apartment is crucial for several reasons. Here are some key factors you need to have in mind. 1. Privacy and security – A gated community in a quiet locale, without it being too secluded – that is a perfect balance. Despite its prime location, Bollineni Astra offers you seclusion enveloped by nature, making your home a perfect getaway from the buzz of the city. 2. Proximity to the workplace and educational institutes: The closer the house is to your workplace, the more time you can spend at home with your family and friends. Proximity to educational institutes, schools, and colleges for your children, requires even more attention. 3. Proximity to community areas like parks, malls – It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is if you cannot enjoy what the city has to offer due to the odd location of your home. Select a location that allows you to conveniently pursue your hobbies and pastimes. 4. Proximity to transport options – It is a huge advantage to choose a house close to the metro station, or like Bollineni Astra, close to the airport! Frequent travellers must consider this factor. The urban level of traffic, especially in peak hours, is a major deciding factor to keep in mind while picking an apartment.
  • Size

1. Privacy: It is easy to get crowded when you have a large family at home. As your kids grow older, they crave their own space. Therefore, planning for a spacious house is the need of the day. 4 BHK apartments like those at Bollineni Astra are becoming increasingly popular lately. 2. Dedicated workspace: In the age of work from home and study-from-home, it is essential for the different members of the house to find their nook or a designated study room to go about their daily routine without disturbance. 3. Create a guest room – Your dream apartment needs to cater to your entire family and friends, and not only you and your kids. Carefully decorating your interior only to have your guests stay elsewhere – who wants that! Create a guest room in your apartment so that you can invite your nearest and dearest for a stay at your luxury apartment.


Both the size and the location play a role in selecting the perfect apartment for yourself. Consider your options and choose a place that guarantees luxury and comfortable living for you and your family.

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